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Agfalcon Cargo Express Delivery is a cargo airline based in Cairo, Egypt. It started operations in 2004 and operates charter flights mainly to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Its main base is Cairo International Airport.
Agfalcon Cargo Express Delivery Company is a company created by the former M. Loai Rahmoun. , his long Air cargo Transportation experience and sales knowledge, gained so far to enable the company to carry on its  activities as Cargo charter.
THE COMPANY is well known with its multiple choices of freight solutions, the services given by the mother company and its subsidiaries’ cover all scopes of AIR CARGO TRANSPORTATION BUINESS.
Operating out of Egypt, Agfalcon Cargo Express Delivery is well known with the talent carrying of outsized air cargo, using a fleet comprising of multiple aircraft types, Other segments include the transportation of dangerous goods, live animals, VIP, rapid response to humanitarian.
CLD EXPRESS is now of the biggest operating in the wider Middle East region and worldwide. As the most versatile among air cargo companies in the region, INETX EXPRESS is capable of carrying loads from the smallest packages that fits with its SERVICES up to AIR CARGO inside the standardized cargo pallets to virtually a full Mega aircraft leasing either though major airports or less established landing fields.
The company’s philosophy is rooted in offering customers responsive, practical, and cost effective solutions which combine a personal approach with customer service. This approach has led to its one of the most required Cargo Operator in the field of Supply Chain & Air Caro Transportation.
Turnover has continually increased since the outset of operations and keep steadily increasing, the number of flights is amazingly increase in accordance with NETWORK WIDING, GSA and GSSA Accomplishing.
Operational revenues and profits have consistently grown. In fact the company has never failed to deliver a profit to shareholders since inception! Since inception, OUTSEIZED, relief aid and valuable cargo operations have been a key component of Agfalcon Cargo Express Delivery operations.

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Loai Rahmoun


Agfalcon Cargo Express Delivery CEO